Now offering John F. Barnes' Myofascial Release!

Leslie attended a 4 day intensive training in MFR 1 on the Cape in September and is fully qualified to perform MFR on her clients.

Should you wish to book a session, below are a few guidelines to prepare you for your session. We thank Deb & Dave Epstein of "Equilibrium Myofascial Release" in Mattapoisett, MA for the monthly study group that they host. The study group is for  local MFR practitioners to enhance their skills, meet other practitioners in the area, and learn new MFR techniques. A side benefit is that study group participants receive treatment while practicing skills on each other. This work is absolutely profound, and Leslie is grateful each day for the opportunity to share this amazing healing technique with her clients.

Leslie also wishes to thank Deb Epstein for the below tips for successful treatment. Please click HERE to go to their website for a wealth of information on this amazing and profound healing technique.

Tips for Success with MFR

Thank you for choosing MFR. You will notice as you begin treatment, that MFR is quite un-like any form of body work that you may have experienced. It is with this in mind, it is helpful to outline a few tips that will help you find great success in your MFR journey.  

Your Body Can Heal!

It is important to know first that your body has the ability to heal. Whatever may have happened that you brought you here, you have survived. Your body is resilient. What we do here is open up your body via the fascial system, in order for your body to do what it is made to do. Even though you may be experiencing pain and discomfort in your body right now, it can change and it will change.

Your Body Feel Emotions.
Your body feels. Your brain thinks. Feelings, also known as “emotions”, are a part of releasing pain and dysfunction in our body. Emotions are felt and expressed with the body and experienced and labeled in the mind. It is encouraged that you be present in your body to notice what you are feeling and experiencing, for it is this process that will help you to notice and let go of long-held emotions or patterns of movement that helped create your pain.

Have a goal.
Having a clear and realistic goal for treatment will help you achieve the results you seek. While being “pain-free” sounds nice, it is not completely realistic. Having a clear goal in mind to share with your therapist will help you and your therapist achieve success. An example of a clear goal: “I would like to have no pain in my low back while working, and would like to be able to increase my ability to run greater distances.” The more you commit yourself to your goal, the greater your success will be.

 Healing Crisis.
As you move through your treatments, you may experience what we call a “healing crisis”. This can include mild to intense workout pain, the feeling of emotional chaos, or physical pain. While, this may be uncomfortable, it IS part of the healing process. Your body has been holding on to a pattern of restriction for a while, and when it finally gets released, you may feel it in the form of a “healing crisis”. When you have been out of touch with part of your body due to fascial restriction, what you experience in a healing crisis is more of a “waking up” process. Allowing yourself to feel this is important to the process, as is being gentle with yourself.  


Communication with your therapist of what you are experiencing will help your therapist know you better. On occasion, your therapist will ask if you notice anything during or after a session. There is no wrong answer. Everything is valid. Even if you are feeling “nothing” – nothing is something! Even if you “feel nothing”, you are still getting benefit from the session.  

Movement. On occasion, you will feel as though your body wants to move, twitch or shake. We encourage you to allow this to happen. Movement during treatment is quite natural as fascia is three-dimensional and our body is made to move. Restrictions run in a non-linear pattern that will involve movement to release. If you have injury due to trauma, it is likely that they injury occurred when the body was in motion. To fully release the trauma pattern held in the fascial system, “unwinding” is recommended and necessary as part of your treatment. Unwinding is an enlightened movement that occurs when you feel safe, and can let go of control and allow your subconscious mind to release the pattern of trauma that is trapped within the fascial system. Your therapist is trained to facilitate this with you. And you are in a safe place to let go of past trauma and allow your body to heal itself.

(Please note - When preparing for your MFR session, after showering - please refrain from applying any oils or lotions to your face or body the day of your appointment. )

In addition to MFR and Massage with Leslie Fraser, Ben Burke is also available by appointment for another interesting form of body work at Fraser Massage.

Vibrational Healing Massage

Vibrational Healing Massage is in the line of new healing modalities called “bodywork”. Bodywork can include rub downs, but Vibrational Healing more accurately works with joints, structure and emotional release of pent-up tensions and stresses. Vibrational Healing Massage Therapy builds on theories similar to other modalities, and yet is unique among bodywork techniques.

About Ben:

Ben Burke received his initial training in Massage Therapy at a summer intensive training at the World School of Massage and Advanced Healing Arts in San Francisco in 1996. He was trained in a modality called “Vibrational Healing Massage”. This modality was developed by Patricia Cramer, founder of the World School of Massage.  Ben studied Vibrational Massage levels 1-3. In 1999, Ben did another intensive training session, on the Big Island of Hawaii, where he received training in levels 4 and 5, directly from Patricia Cramer. 

Massage has always been a side hobby for Ben, at first helping out friends and co-workers. He would work on friends and family in their home on a donation basis. Ben is now going to be offering bodywork sessions at Fraser Massage. Ben’s fee is $60 for an hour session. He will be available for sessions on Monday and Wednesday evenings by appointment only.

What to expect:

Ben works with clients fully dressed. He asks clients to wear loose, comfortable clothing to their session. His goal is to help your body find its balance.  If you are looking for a muscle rub down, this is NOT for you. (Call Leslie Fraser instead!) Ben may incorporate the use of a chair, have you standing or lying down on the massage table, do energy work, use crystals, perform “unwinding” and/or burn incense. Every session is completely unique. His goal is to help clients address their physical pain by working at the joint/insertion/structural level. His work addresses the muscle/bone relationship. It has also been described as “unwinding the body from the feet up”.
Ben’s work has been described as “different” and “interesting” by clients. His bodywork is very structurally based and can be very profound. It has been described as interesting or different because, in Ben’s words: “Oh, warning, I can burp… a lot. It’s how I get rid of the energy. After one session, a client later told me that she had spent the entire 40 mile drive home burping, and woke up feeling great the next day. In addition, she conceived for the first time the next month after years of trying unsuccessfully.” While Ben does not promise he can help you with your fertility issues, he likes to think that the profound changes in this client’s body may have helped with the process.

From Ben:

“Since leaving SF, six years ago, I turned my massage techniques inward and started trying to work out my own kinks and creaks that I had picked up over the years. In so doing, my approach to the body, has changed as well. So, if you are up for a session that you, too, could herald as “strange, interesting, and unusual”, or even the occasional “what the…”, please book a session and see for yourself.


“Over the last year or so, Ben has become my ‘go to guy’ when my body feels broken. Typically I go for chiropractic for my issues, and often still use acupuncture for internal issues, but the work that Ben has done on me has proven to be more effective and longer lasting than any chiropractic that I have received over the years because the changes are not temporary. He actually has made (much needed) structural changes to my frame. (The hip work alone was amazing!) Ben has an amazing presence, and is extremely gifted and knowledgeable. While his bodywork is perhaps unconventional (the burping can be odd - but humorous if you go with it), the changes in my body since working with him have truly been profound. I highly recommend.” Leslie Fraser, LMT Framingham, MA

Ben can be reached at 415-407-6715 to schedule your session.

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